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Hare Sightings

Went out yesterday morning, despite the bad weather warnings, to look for the hares. The sun was shining so the promise of the brown hare was an enticing prospect which in turn led me to completely forget that British Summer Time had finished, so I was up and out much earlier than I thought, worth it though as I had a tremendous view of two hares soaking up the sunshine in their respective forms, with just a glint of sunlight in their eyes as they sat up to look around the field. I was able to do some detailed study of their heads and ears, as most of their bodies were hidden in the new winter crop. I also managed to speak to the farmer to whom the field belonged as he stopped his 4x4 to chat to me and look at my work, very pleased to make contact with him as he liked my sketches. On the way home for a 12 o clock breakfast I stopped to watch a kingfisher hovering in the sunlight, then diving down for a fish and then perching on a burdock branch over the river. After breakfast I decided to brace myself against the weather and work on some rosehips and other water foliage in a spot near to where I live, the work on rosehips ended up being splashed with rain but looked alright.

Last Sunday I helped with a dormouse survey in nearby woods and held a woodmouse which was a beautiful feeling, tiny little feet resting on my gently clutching hand. The dormice were there in good numbers, wonderful colours and exquisite faces with grey young as tiny as bumble bees. Thanks to John for a wonderful day what an energetic person and so full of enthusiasm.

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