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The Tapestry of Life

The Tapestry of Life


'The Tapestry of Life'


During the past two years I have been steadily working on a more serious series of drawings for a collection called the 'Tapestry of Life' in which I want to draw attention to some of the wonderful biodiversity of our local river, and also with the climate challenges we will face in the next ten years how much of our local wildlife is now in decline.


This kingfisher is one of the population which I hear and see locally and I am also completely fascinated by the appearance of dancing mayflies who only enjoy one day of life, they are seen in May and June and in my vivid imagination are almost like magical, small fairies so I decided to include one of them.


This piece has been admired by many young visitors to my studio who like to try to find all the little insects in this drawing and I am pleased that my work captures their curiousity and to helps towards their understanding of the beauty of nature and the rich tapestry in which we could all live together and in harmony in the future.


Pencil crayon



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