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Eric -  Northern Bald Ibis

Eric - Northern Bald Ibis


After taking part in last year's exhibition for www.explorersagainstextinction for endangered African wildlife I was pleased to be invited once again to send some work in for Sketch for Survival for 2018.  I completed three sketches which toured both in Britain and New York. Whilst thinking about the final pieces I was going to donate I decided to do this sketch for survival of Eric in watercolour using the medium to show a feeling of haste in his step. The Northern Bald Ibis is also on the endangered list of African wildlife.


I had to choose carefully about what I to submitted because I have been specifically chosen as one of a small number of professional artists to donate a piece of work for exhibition at London's prestigious Royal Geographic Society in October and its important message about wildlife conservation throughout the world.




For overseas postage and packing rates please contact us if outside the United Kingdom


Image size 57x42cm

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