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Juvenile Green Woodpeckers

Juvenile Green Woodpeckers


Two of the juvenile green woodpeckers who finally fledged their nest last June near my studio, first one then the other two days later. We had to rescue one which had hopped under a car parked in the grounds. The youngster went over to the nearest bramble clump and stayed there calling for the parents to come and feed it. They are not so good at flying at first and so are very vulnerable although also extremely noisy.


This year I can see and hear the adults around in the gardens but one of the willow trees near last year's nest had to be pollarded as it had a couple of branches which had broken in the strong winds of the winter and I believe that they won't use the same nest this year, at least I haven't noticed them doing so yet. It would be wonderful if they did.


Pencil Crayon 41x30cm approx

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