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Two Juvenile Green Woodpeckers

Two Juvenile Green Woodpeckers


Last Spring, at Westbury Arts Centre, where I have my studio, two juvenile green woodpeckers hatched in a hole in one of our trees, they were incredibly noisy as they grew and their parents were kept very busy feeding them constantly. I believe that one of the juveniles was male and one was female.


In June last year, the larger of the two fledged first and went to hide under a car, we encouraged it out and it took refuge beside some nettles and brambles. The other fledged later and both constantly called to the parent birds to carry on feeding them. The whole family were all the most beautiful colours, the juveniles are not so brightly coloured as the adults, I sketched them from life and later worked on the images in my studio, I really hope they return this year but so far no sign yet.


The green woodpecker has a call which sounds like a laugh, it's called a yaffle, they were also a bird supposed to predict rain. Some of it's country or local names have been Rainbird, Laughing Betsey, Yockel and Yappingale, Rain Fowl, Weather-Cock and Rainpie. The green woodpecker rarely drums and has an undulating flight. They like to eat ants and the larvae and have developed a very long tongue to delve deeply into lawns or ant nests, they are monogamous.


Pencil, graphite and coloured pencil.

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