SOLD Odette/Odile - Original 68x94cm

SOLD Odette/Odile - Original 68x94cm


Odette was turned into a swan by an evil magician. Prince Seigfried sees her and her swan maidens and falls deeply in love, but the evil magician substitutes his daughter Odile to dance with the prince. When Odette sees this she kills herself in some versions but in other versions Prince Seigfried and Odette die together and sometimes they live to a long and happy life.


I have been very interested in the music of Swan Lake since the age of five when I was given a recording of the music by my parents, I always wanted to dance as the Swan Maiden and to become a ballet dancer, in the end I enjoyed a professional career as a flamenco dancer which is fiery enough in itself. I still love the music of Swan Lake, finding it both disturbing and beautiful at the same time. I have enjoyed the many different interpretations of the story but especially Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake.


I have painted Odette in shades of white just as she is turning to the darker side of herself, depicted by my use of black for her dark feathers exploring the fierce part of her feminine self, the magical being that she will become. Using expressive painting to show the beautiful lines of the form of the swan.



Black frame with Gold interior

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