Countryfile and Me

Today is the day in which I appear on Countryfile on BBC1 at 7.00pm, and a couple of days ago I heard my first cuckoo of the Spring near a local nature reserve, such a beautiful sound. Cuckoos are very vocal and the male enjoys showing off his wonderful tail to the female to attract a mate, the female makes this bubbling sound in response to his attentions and they flutter from post to post. The Dawn Chorus is also in full voice and there is an Evening Chorus to go with it which is equally wonderful. I have made a number of recordings for a forthcoming exhibition later this year and will post once I have some more news about it all. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy my interview with Steve Brown th

April Showers and Sunshine

April, one of the loveliest months of the year and there was plenty of sunshine today. I do have some very exciting news I will be on BBC One Countryfile on Easter Sunday 21st April at 19.00hrs talking about my work with wonderful Steve Brown. A huge thank you to the Countryfile team for making me so very welcome. For some reason the sacred Hare of old beliefs has been changed into an Easter Bunny and the holiday is never the same weekend. Eostre was the old festival and was supposed to celebrate new life and the season of Spring. I thought I would include one of my drawings of a hare breathing out the seeds of spring and thereby creating new life. 'The infant april joins the spring And view

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